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Arrivals & Departures Procedures

When traveling abroad all passengers must pass through customs and immigration. Paperwork that you will need is a

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current passport and the complete customs form that should be provided by the flight attendant or can be found at the entrance of the terminal. Once through immigration, passengers will pick up their luggage and proceed to customs. This procedure is quick and simple. Passengers push a button; we refer to as the “traffic light”. If the light is green, passengers proceed through. If the light is red, their luggage will be inspected.

After passing through customs, if the arrival is to Terminal 1, participants will proceed to the exit on the right sliding door that says “Groups or Pre-Arranged Transportation” . If the arrival is to Terminal 3, the exit sign needs to be followed since there is only one exit for individual and group passengers. Once outside the terminal, everyone will be greeted by our staff.