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Cabo Goes Green!

Nowadays our visitors appreciate  activities green oriented. AM&I initiative is to provide  alternatives that will allow  participants to take a comprehensive approach to the mother nature.

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Are you curious about organic farming? How do we really know it's chemical-free, and sustainably grown in harmony with nature? Want to ask questions, learn more, or see for yourself? Find out more about organic farming and have the opportunity to ask questions and see the process for yourself through a AM&I guided tour.
Assist in the release of baby turtles (in season) ; you will help the conservation of this beautiful species!  Meet our certified guide in the nursery camp and choose one turtle to adopt, this is a true lifetime experience! You will also get your Certificate of Adoption and name your turtle.

Visit and extraordinary place named “Wirikuta”, this magical park offers you the opportunity to explore more than 1,500 different species of cactus and succulents from deserts around the world (Mexico – USA – South America – Africa).

We believe in saving the planet for future generations.

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