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Los Cabos Info

Los Cabos is one of the few places on earth were you can play amid unspoiled wonders of nature and pamper your self with cosmopolitan luxuries.


For centuries, Baja California Sur drowsed in the sun, barely populated. Among the first outsiders to visit Los Cabos were Jesuit missionaries. Although they found the rocky soil of Los Cabos nearly barren, the sea all around is exactly the opposite.
Cabo San Lucas's famous rock arch marks the spot were Baja's land ends and one of the world's richest fishing grounds begins. Here the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez meet in a swirl the waters teeming with life. It was these fertile waters that would draw the pioneers who built the Los Cabos of today.

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 The rush is on! Los Cabos is developing rapidly, and it's easy to see why. The weather is nearly perfect. Any kind of fun in the sun you want, you can have.

Fishing is fantastic. Unsurpassed golf, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, horseback riding, tennis, shopping... the list goes on and on.

If it is simple solitude you seek, you've come to the right place. The many small coves between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas once sheltered who preyed on ships running to and from Acapulco. Today, these secluded coves and empty white beaches await whoever arrives.
Choose one and make it your own for a day or a week in the sun.

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Without question, Los Cabos has all the elements for both a memorable vacation and a unique dining experience. From first class cuisine to tasty tacos, Los Cabos is brimming with palate pleasers for every mood and budget. If you think bliss ends when the sun goes down, you've been getting up too early. Take a siesta, and then go out again. From happy hours, to wee hours of the morning. Los Cabos has nightlife for everyone.
So come and visit you'll have many happy discoveries ahead of you. Los Cabos' natural beauty and friendly people are waiting for you.

Photos Courtesy of Andrik Oechler, Professional Photographer.