Pillow Gifts

We design your gifts & promotional items based on your budget by combining of our extensive variety with original and creative wrapping and presentation. We assure you that your guests will love each and every item. 

We specialized on arts and crafts from our country. We select one of a kind masterpieces, all are 100% handmade by artisans around Mexico.

You  cannot miss the traditional hand-painted blue and white pattern talavera, it will definitely add a beautiful touch to any room, and we also have other stoneware from the State of Puebla.

Hand blown glass, beautiful yellow, orange, blue, green vases made from recycled glass will enhance your home. Fill it with flowers, plants, pebbles or leave empty- it all looks good!

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Wood expertly crafted. Lacquered objects from Olinala are native to a little town in the state of Guerrero, Mexico and are mentioned in Spanish history as early as the XVI century. They are manufactured with 100% natural materials and pigments, using tools made by the same artisans. Beautiful paintings of flowers and animals are made on linaloe wood which grows in the area. Different designs. Colors available: Red, wine, light blue, navy blue, light green, dark green, carmine, black, purple.

Black  clay from the State of Oaxaca, intricately carved black clay (barro negro) vases are perfect for dried flowers or as a stand-alone decoration in any space. Is handmade in the traditional Zapotec Indian way

Hand woven textiles from all around Mexico, beautifully colored, hand stitched table runner can also be used as a wall hanging. Made by Otomi Indians in the state of Hidalgo, the animals are all based on dreams.

Metals pieces made of pewter, silver, tin, to mention some. Different designs and products which are perfect for serving delicious meals, or simple lines add emphasis to your pictures and elegance to any room, or just be used as a decorative touch.

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